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Complementary to IPSec VPN SSL VPN

Reasonable choice of VPN

SSL VPN's strong momentum of development seems to indicate that it will replace IPSec VPN,

But careful analysis you will find no contradiction between the two

Choose the ideal virtual private networks for enterprise users is difficult, the current prevailing theory is: thunder gradually strength of the SSL VPN will quickly catch up and possibly replace the traditional IPSec VPN, this big purchase decision even more difficult. Of course, some people insist that: SSL VPN that Cinderella will soon shine, IPSec VPN will be eclipsed. This is the noise of the industry for the recent addition of a fire.

The industry believes that, IPSec been rumors put out too early, but in the field of remote access, there is no doubt a trend is very clear - stay away from IPSec, this trend stems from some very practical reasons.

Steady development

Infonetics Research is an international market research and consulting firm, is also a major professional company VPN areas. It said, SSL VPN has achieved considerable progress, as well as many IPSec VPN vendors in 2003 will continue to announced the launch of products based on SSL. This scene has now been presented before the world, Nokia, Cisco and other big players have launched around the SSL product solutions.

However, SSL still does not replace IPSec, Infonetics think so. Because of the lack of an ideal site to site to connect the SSL solution, and said remote access, and considered by many companies, may order a different remote access while deploying SSL and IPSec, but in the near future, this is unlikely to become a dominant trend .

According to a recent report by Infonetics shows, IPSec on the VPN is still the dominant terms of tunnels and encryption technology. But at the same time, SSL will continue to be attractive. By 2005, 74% of mobile workers will depend on the VPN (15% increase over 2003), growth is expected mainly from the SSL, IPSec outside of this alternative to avoid the need for client software deployment and management complexity and human needs.

The question now is, in the early stages of this market, many manufacturers on how to SSL-based product positioning seems to be no clear attitude. In the end the SSL VPN (also called application-layer VPN gateway products) as with IPSec competition or complementary? This was a marketing problem.

Infonetics that, SSL product and the final positioning of the best complementary IPSec. Most manufacturers will develop or purchase IPSec application layer VPN technology to their product line. This complementary positioning is essential to market success. If in the next 12 months, leading the market in the company decided to stir up competition between SSL and IPSec, then the market will suffer.

What difference

In the design, IPSec VPN is the nature of the security technology infrastructure. The real value of this type of VPN is that they try to improve the IP environment of security. The problem is the deployment of IPSec requires significant infrastructure transformation for remote access. Benefits to put in there, but the high cost of management. On this point, IPSec site-to-site connection is still the only option, but for other SSL VPN remote access activities also aroused interest.

However, when the first debut, IPSec VPN is considered other than remote access solutions, has a major advantage. Attraction of including IPSec VPN, which uses a centralized security and policy management components, which greatly ease the maintenance requirements.

However, recent traditional IPSec VPN, there were two main issues: first, to bring the human cost of client software, which many companies hope to avoid; second, some security issues have also been exposed, these problems mainly with the establishment of open network layer connectivity.

Preferred options

Many experts believe that the usual senior corporate users (Power User) and LAN-to-LAN connection required for function in terms of direct access to corporate networks, IPSec unrivaled. However, a typical SSL VPN are considered most suitable for remote employees to access common Web-based applications. Therefore, if you need more comprehensive, browser-based applications for access, as well as for remote employees to connect all offices, IPSec is undoubtedly the first choice.

On the other hand, SSL VPN does not require the end user's PC and laptop computers into the other client software. Some companies chose not SSL IPSec, this function does not require client software is an important factor.

In addition, SSL VPN there are other often mentioned characteristics, including lower deployment costs, reduce support and management on the day to day needs. In addition, because all external traffic is usually through a single hardware device, so that you can control access to resources and the URL.

Manufacturers in introducing such products do not need VPN client software, users can connect via the Internet to connect the task of equipment and means of access to safe access SSL tunnel. This requires additional hardware in the enterprise behind the firewall, but as long as the management company a device, not to maintain, upgrade and configure client software.

Because the end user to avoid carrying a portable computer, through any device with Internet connection can gain access, SSL is more likely to meet most of the staff of the mobile connectivity needs. But the problem is that such a program, SSL VPN encryption-level is usually higher than IPSec VPN. Therefore, despite the deployment and support costs low, and enable organizations to use a desktop computer, laptop or other means of staff Tigong use e-mail, 鐢氳嚦 rapidly, providing easy access to our partners outside the network capability, but SSL VPN still has its shortcomings.

The industry believes that these defects are usually related to client security and performance issues. E-mail and the Intranet on the case, SSL VPN is very good; but require higher security level, more complex applications, require IPSec VPN.

Connect Enterprise

Although the view was expressed that SSL really only applies to access Web-based 搴旂敤, Er Qi Ye not directly access network, Tageng for less skilled users, rather than Gaoji user, a kind But now a new 瓒嬪娍 - SSL tend to be infrastructure for technology, not just to be associated with Web application servers, deployed in network infrastructure equipment to other components of a technology.

In addition, some of the popular SSL technology has advanced to allow reliable remote users to connect fixed equipment, and fixtures that end with a reliable PC, firewall and anti-virus and other protective measures. In short, it is only a provision for all users all the necessary features of the VPN only, and IPSec VPN The fundamental difference is that traffic is transmitted via SSL to.

However, many organizations also use SSL and IPSec VPN must have its reasons. But industry experts believe that there is no reason to use both remote access and the same time. The present IT organizations do not agree with this view, that is, within the network, which the IPSec technology into LAN-to-LAN, SSL VPN is designed to work daily and remote access.

No matter how the SSL VPN to say, companies should keep in mind: such technology can not solve all problems for everyone. SSL VPN's all about saying just a market indicator that it is the solution of certain types of problem another way: not all resolved, but certain types.

Client software is the key

It was therefore firmly believe that, IPSec is to provide site to site, the primary tool to connect, through this link, you can wide area network (WAN) on the implementation of infrastructure to infrastructure communication. The SSL VPN feature does not require client software to help reduce costs, reduce maintenance concerns about Remote Desktop.

However, SSL's limitations is that only connect via a Web browser to access the assets. Therefore, it requires some applications to have a small application that can effectively access. If the application is not a small business assets or application, in order to connect to them is more difficult. Thus, you can not, without client software environment to run, because it requires some kind of rich client software (Client-Rich) of interactive systems.

Does not require client software operating environment certainly has its efficiency and benefits, performance, coverage and application compatibility problems also exist. In this way, full use of this option appears more challenging. SSL This program can solve the problem OS client software, client software maintenance issues, but certainly not entirely replace IPSec VPN, they have different solution is to be almost no overlap of the two kinds of the number of different issues.

SSL and application security

On the need for remote access to the most companies in support of the application should include the company to maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability of the various applications needed. Although the application security to provide this coverage width, but the application of SSL VPN can support a very limited kind.

Most SSL VPN are HTTP reverse proxy, so that they are suitable for a Web-enabled applications, as long as you can through any Web browser to visit. HTTP reverse proxy support for other query / response applications, such as basic e-mail, and many business productivity tools, such as ERP and CRM, client / server applications. In order to access these types of applications, SSL VPN for remote connectivity provides a simple and economical option. It is plug and play, and does not require any additional client software or hardware.

However, the same happens this advantage of SSL VPN has become the biggest constraints: users can only access the necessary applications and data resources among a small part. SSL VPN for remote access applications can not provide a comprehensive solution, because it does not help access to internally developed applications, nor help to visit a number of channels and dynamic port requirements and the use of multiple protocols such complex applications. However, this company and remote users is a key requirement. For example, SSL VPN there is no framework to support instant messaging, multicasting, data feeds, video conferencing and VoIP.

While SSL can protect the TCP channel created by the HTTP security, but it does not apply to UDP channel. Today, however, the support of business applications required to support all types of applications: TCP and UDP, client / server and Web, readily available and internally developed programs.

Application-independent security solution should have the support of a variety of standard TCP or UDP. Application of security technology supports the use of physical network solutions. In addition to supporting a variety of procedures now, application security will also support future programs, no matter what kind of protocol or design.


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Acer suggest possible purchase Packard Bell is actively brewing

July 25, according to media reports China Taiwan region, Acer male senior public relations executive has hinted that the island Wang, Acer PC makers do with Packard Bell in Europe to discuss matters relating to mergers and acquisitions.

Last week there were reports that Acer intends to PC manufacturers in Europe M & Packard Bell. In response, Acer senior public relations director Wang island male in a telephone interview a few days ago, said: "M & A transactions may occur in some changes, we can not release more information to determine the exact date."

Packard Bell in the Netherlands, is Europe's third-largest consumer PC manufacturer, in France, Portugal and the UK market has a strong position. Currently, Packard Bell is to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America market expansion.

For the deal, Gartner analyst Deng Yajun, said: "Packard Bell will help balance the acquisition of Acer's overall strategy in the Asia Pacific market." Deng Yajun said that in the Asian market, Acer consumers and small and medium enterprises in the markets performed well. The Packard Bell's business focus in the commercial market. Therefore, this potential deal is beneficial to the Acer.

March 12 this year, "The Wall Street Journal," the first report, said Acer plans to acquire a PC makers this year, but is currently looking for potential targets. Then, there was news that Acer may acquisition Gateway.

March 21, Gateway spokesman David Hallisey gave denied this, saying the merger was not to discuss matters with the Acer. May, Acer has also confirmed that M & A target is not Gateway.

By the end of May, Acer chairman JT Wang said the acquisition of a PC makers plan ahead of schedule.

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Excellence comes from quality, three-dimensional interpretation PTC Shipbuilding

Excellence comes from quality, three-dimensional interpretation PTC Shipbuilding

- Interview with PTC China Sales Manager Wang Huijie

Whether eagle promoting or sparrow worth mentioning, the body of internal organs to be complete, PTC's design software has a unique advantage to meet all types of shipyards. - Wang Huijie

Interviewer: China Software Network reporter at Qiao Zhi

Respondents: PTC China Sales Manager Wang Huijie

PTC China Sales Manager Wang Huijie

Reporter: Could you talk to design the software development process in the shipbuilding industry

Wang Huijie: either ship industry or other industries, the overall trend from the technical design of computer software can not be separated. Since the computer software carrier, then the computer software itself can not be higher than many in the shipping industry, there is the same.

In fact, the ship relative to other sectors of information technology is relatively backward. From now, the ratio is two-dimensional design is very large, some the size of the shipyard, are efforts to the full three-dimensional direction, to do better now shipyard basically all of the three-dimensional. However, China's medium and small shipyards in the design is very backward, largely in collaboration with the outside world to buy such a mode of drawing. Because of different stages, it can not represent them do not design software, when the shipyard scale up, you need people to design the ship, still need the final shipyard design software.

The design software is now international pop half or full three-dimensional two-dimensional two basic software. Because the ship's own special, two-dimensional semi-application software more widely in civilian vessels. Shipbuilding is a very old industry, to form a very stable now standard, designed some of the standard methods have been internationalized. However, the military ship design differences in each country are very large, the basis and process of each country are mainly in their own R & D, the complexity of military vessels is much higher than civilian vessels, two-dimensional half the software difficult to meet military ships design requirements, so in a military ship in the application of the full three-dimensional technology. We can also see the application of military ships will gradually develop to the civilian.

In China, our largest market and the world is in the military ship, so for now we can adapt our military ships to the civilian vessels of information technology to promote the promotion, which is what we do at home.

Look at from the computer technology, 3D technology is superior to two-dimensional semi-, two-dimensional half every three to four years to once again transform. Because the design of two-dimensional semi-technological starting point of the software itself is very low, the user some of the new development of Xuqiu simply can not Manzu's, procedural changes must be enabled to Di, Ji Benshang every change Dushi right 鍓嶉潰 negation. However, the full three-dimensional software, this problem does not occur, all three-dimensional technique can last decades, but only gradually improve the bottom will not be denied.

Then forward to the needs of PDM, CAD only themselves to enhance individual ability. Now dozens of individual design needs a boat, then how to further balance the efficiency, we need a management tool to all integrated together to form a team with a design.

Reporter: PTC in the face when different customers have different product and solution?

Wang Huijie: ship boat is the most important point difference in complexity, the ship carrying more than your ability of loading other than a complete upgrade their equipment, the boat will be relatively simple point, but there are a number of professional ship special vessels, complex very high.

However, when in the design of the ship, whether eagle promoting or sparrow worth mentioning, the body's internal organs to be complete, manufacturing ships and boats, our software is in terms of the number of differences. May build a ship needs 40 individuals, but the boat made ten enough, but this is only a quantitative match.

Further in terms of software solutions, probably because of the complexity of a boat is low, for the management of data storage is easier, on the management requirements are relatively low. However, 40 people or boats for the ship parallel design, people management alone is difficult, this time to meet with management to streamline the flow of data, to ensure that the data reuse in the design of the software is not too large differences, mainly in the management software.

We are also discussing this matter, medium and small shipyards in the end What is the solution. If left intact solutions to move large shipyards, small shipyards can not stand. We feel that small shipyards need is the basic business model forming, need fast on-line, not too many special needs.

Reporter: We all know the ship's information is very low, many designers are not very familiar with design software, PTC software is the application of the shipbuilding industry and deployment?

Wang Huijie: Any software designers never have come into contact with from the initial contact with the process, we are by training manner. Through training, we will and customers in a project to set goals, through this project, we design with clients. As a means of introducing new applications, will lead to changes in the way the original, many of the shipyard before the introduction of our software also remain in the hand or two-dimensional stage, so in this project, we will help them make a plan to develop that they can accept the process.

In the project cycle, our engineers have been doing for the customer support of the shipyard. This shipyard has a group of people come out from the first project, the formation of seed power. Have their own internal power, they will have a positive inner loop, when the second boat on their own design, our engineers can move out of the shipyard. Through this method how to design a boat of our software knowledge transfer to users, users can form their own circle.

The benefits of doing so can reduce the user's risk. China's shipyards, most of the level design is not very high, if the users themselves to control the design of such means is very difficult, and users also face the pressure of production, then the order should not only pay shipping out on time, but also the face of the introduction of a new system, so we do, no doubt largely reduce the risk of the user.

Now, PTC in the implementation of a new approach to help users to set up a e-learning system. Traditional training methods are taught face to face, cost, and requires a fixed time, there is no way to repeat the most important in the design process can not always guide. E-learning and our way through our training courses, such as customer do if the ship design, hull structure may be ten, then the structure of this ten how to do it with our software, to do several steps, each step how to do Finally, complete the structure of command execution to complete such a course, go into the system. Users can use the process at any time, it could raise the overall level of the user study and design capabilities. PTC engineers will timely communicate with customers online. If the e-learning does not cover the content, or encountered a new problem, you can live through our consultation hotline service.

Reporter: Could you talk about the advantages of PTC's

Wang Huijie: First of all, PTC companies have unique technical advantages.

PTC ship design software was first started joining the army, and gradually extended to the civilian vessels. From the beginning of the market to determine the ship facing the software more. Military vessels from large carriers, small to a variety of boats and even underwater, the difference is very large, the software design requirements is high. Military ship is also very high surface complexity, far more than civilian vessels. Our software from the outset to take into account complex boat, dealing with complex structures, complex surfaces, the starting point of our software technology is very high, which is to be acknowledged.

Secondly, PTC software is the full three-dimensional software.

Many civilian vessels were used in two-dimensional half-way, full three-dimensional approach is a model for the future to do. Two-dimensional semi-technical way the bottleneck encountered by the chart is sure to wait until after the assessment be carried out to confirm. However, this time if there are problems, the problem has already occurred can not be inevitable. Now we go to a number of two-dimensional semi-software shipyards, their high expectations, hoping that we can use to help them convert three-dimensional way. Three-dimensional approach in the design process, we can send out the relevant results are not used until the final drawing. This early involvement of everyone, which avoid the scene of the links in the production, resulting in a range of materials and construction period can not avoid losses. We are introducing three-dimensional model, the content will be shared out very easily, compared with two-dimensional half-way can only be shared in the form of drawings, which is the technological advantages of our software.

Finally, our software is an open software.

Although the international shipping industry on many GM's standards, but, many countries due to the accumulation 涓? equipment, staffing levels and other reasons, different countries will be very different.

China's shipbuilding industry is relying more people to make up information, equipment and management with Foreign Countries. This requires taking into account the initial design, more localized content. China's shipbuilding and Europe and the United States different from South Korea, Japan, they have formed a large number of intermediate products, which is called standardization or modular. China's shipyards as infrastructure, technology accumulation, but also take time to achieve mass production outsourcing into.

Because the existence of objective reasons, we do ship the software in China, many local custom. Because our software is open, users can use this software to increase the number of new needs adjustment. The same software in different applications of the shipyard is not the same; the same tonnage, not the same point of understanding; although to achieve the same purpose, but the expressions are different, requiring the software is open to to meet individual requirements shipyard. Our software is open, fully meet the individual needs of Chinese shipyards.

Reporter: You just said, for China's shipyards to do a lot of things that you have to do specifically talk about what things?

Wang Huijie: First of all, the company will collect the special needs of Chinese customers will demand in China to find out the common, and the new version adding new features, adjusting the resolution of the original function, which is our company has been doing thing.

Second, the company will support the customer's custom development. We will, through open interfaces and use of training and consulting services, enabling users to have R & D capability. Our typical case is Wuchang Shipyard has developed a very complete system, after we recommended, many users have with their development efforts, to carry out the work of the local shipping information, the company has been promoting the localization of .

Finally, our company in the coming year to R & D center in Shanghai. PTC Corporation, China's shipbuilding industry very seriously. We can see that China's shipbuilding industry is the world's fastest growing, China's government also has a very clear position: from 2010 to 2020, China's shipbuilding shipbuilding power to a power shift from the ship. China's industrial structure from the whole, China's population structure, vigorously develop the shipbuilding industry is not wrong, it adapted to national conditions of China as a whole.鍥犳锛孭TC鍏徃浼氬湪涓婃捣寤虹珛鐮斿彂涓績锛屾潵鏇村ソ銆佹洿璐磋繎鐨勬敮鎸佷腑鍥界殑閫犺埞涓氱殑鍙戝睍銆?br />


銆??涓浗鑸瑰巶鐨勮繀閫熻啫鑳?紝鍥犱负澧為暱寰堝揩锛屽鑷磋埞鍘傝嚜韬病鏈夋椂闂村悜鍥介檯浼樼鐨勮埞鍘傚涔狅紝杩欏鎴戜滑鏉ヨ鏄釜鎸戞垬銆傛垜浠蛋璁胯繃寰堝鑸瑰巶锛屼粬浠嚜宸遍兘璇翠笉娓呰嚜宸辩殑闇?眰锛岃?鍙嶈繃鏉ラ棶鎴戜滑鑳戒笉鑳藉憡璇変粬浠竴涓湁鏁堢殑鏂规硶銆傝繖涓嶆槸鎴戜滑淇℃伅鍖栫殑杞欢鍏徃鐨勪簨鎯咃紝杩欏簲褰撴槸鍜ㄨ鍋氱殑浜嬫儏銆備絾鏄紝涓浗鑸瑰巶瀵瑰挩璇㈠叕鍙哥殑鐞嗚В鏈変竴瀹氱殑闅滅閫氬父鏄挩璇㈠叕鍙告湁浜嗚В鍐虫柟妗堬紝鐒跺悗甯姪鑸瑰巶瀹炴柦鏂规鍚庯紝杩欐椂鑸瑰巶鎵嶄細鍑哄挩璇㈣垂銆?br />
銆??鎴戜滑鐜板湪涔熷湪鍋氳繖鏂归潰鐨勪竴浜涚爺绌讹紝鍖呮嫭鎴戜滑鐮旂┒涓皬浼佷笟鎬庝箞閫犺埞锛屾垜浠篃鎻愬嚭浜嗚嚜宸辩殑鐞嗚В銆傚鏋滃鎴锋帴鍙椾簡鎴戜滑鐨勭湅娉曪紝閭d箞锛屾垜浠彲鑳芥棭涓?偣鍗犳嵁鑷繁鐨勫競鍦恒?杩欐槸鎴戜滑闈复鐨勯棶棰橈紝鍚屾椂涔熸槸鏈洪亣銆傚鏋滄垜浠殑涓?簺瑙傜偣鐢ㄦ埛鎺ュ彈浜嗭紝瀵逛簬鎴戜滑鏉ヨ灏嗕細鏄竴涓緢濂界殑鏈轰細銆?br />


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This talk will explore the channels and see what it is, to what purpose. To make it more lively and interesting, I will use the Edit control, how to change the background color and text color to illustrate this technique.


Channel itself is the two side channels. You can use pipes between processes, data exchange within the same process, just as portable wireless telephones. One end of the pipe to the other, he can make use of communication channels and you had.

There are two channels, namely, the famous pipe and anonymous pipes. Anonymous pipe is a pipe has no name, that does not need to know when to use them in their names. The famous pipe on the contrary, before use must know its name.

Features can also be classified according to the pipeline, that is one-way or two-way. One-way pipeline, the data could only move along one direction, from one end of the flow of the other side, while two-way channels of data can be exchanged freely between both ends. Anonymous pipes are often famous for one-way pipe is usually a two-way. Famous pipe commonly used for multiple clients contact a server network environment.

This talk will discuss it in detail anonymous pipe. Anonymous pipe main purpose is as a parent and child process, child process, the link between the communication channel. Problems in dealing with the console, anonymous pipe is quite useful. Console application that is input and output using the console as a Win32 application. A console like a DOS window. But the console application is really, truly 32-bit application, it can use other graphics programs, like GUI function, but it happens to use the console Bale.

Console application there are three criteria used to handle input and output, which is the standard input, standard output and standard error handles. Standard input for reading from console, or access information to the console standard output is used to write or print information. Standard error could not redirect the output for reporting errors.

Console application can be obtained by calling the function GetStdHandle to handle these three. A graphical application without the console, if one calls GetStdHandle will return error; If you really want to use the console, you can call AllocConsole to allocate a new console to use, but when processing is complete, do not forget to call FreeConsole the release of the console.

Anonymous pipes used most of its function is redirect the child process standard input and standard output. Parent process can be a console or a graphics program, and the child process must be a console application. As we all know, the console application using the standard input and output handles. To redirect input and output, you have to point to pipe with one end of the handle to replace the standard handle. Console application does not know what we used to point at one end of the handle of any pipeline, which will handle the handle as a standard look. To use object-oriented terminology, this is a polymorphism. Because the child process without any change, so this method is very useful.

Console Application on another point to be grasped is that it was standard from which the handle. When a console application is created, the parent has two options: for the child process to create a new console or to the child process inherits its own console. If you use the latter, then the parent process itself must be a console application, or if a GUI application, it must first call AllocConsole assigned a console.

By calling CreatePipe to create an anonymous pipe, and its prototype is:

CreatePipe proto pReadHandle: DWORD, pWriteHandle: DWORD, pPipeAttributes: DWORD, nBufferSize: DWORD

pReadHandle double word pointer variable point to read end of pipe handle.
pWriteHandle double word pointer variable point to pipe write end of the handle
pPipeAttributes double word pointer variable, point SECUR99vY_ATTRIBUTES structure, can be used to decide whether to read and write handles inherited by child processes
nBufferSize proposed pipeline to leave the buffer size of the user, it is only suggested values can be NULL to use default values
If the function succeeds the return value is nonzero, and zero otherwise. After a successful call, you get two handles, a point to read the pipe end and the other pointing to the write end of pipe. Now I will take focus to redirect the output of sub-standard console application to your process steps required. Note that this method is different from my Borland's API reference on the case. Win32 API Reference on the assumption that the parent process is a console application, so the child process to inherit the standard handles it. In most cases, however, we need to redirect the output to the console application GUI application.

Create anonymous pipe to use CreatePipe, also do not forget to SECUR99vY_ATTRIBUTES structural members bInheritable set to TRUE, it can inherit the handle.

Now ready to create the process CreateProcess function of the parameters, it can only load the child console application. STARTUPINFO is an important structure, which determines the child process the appearance of the main window appears, it is our essential goal. Through this structure can hide the main window and the pipe handle is passed to the child process.

The following are the members must be filled:

cb STARTUPINFO the size of the structure
dwFlags binary flag, which determines the structure of which members of the force also determines the main window is displayed or hidden state. In our program, a combination of the use STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW and STARTF_USESTDHANDLES
hStdOutput and hStdError you want to use the child process standard output and standard error handles, for us, we will write end of pipe as a child process standard output and error. So when the child process standard output or standard error to send a message, it actually put the information passed to the parent process through a pipe
wShowWindow decision to show or hide the main window is. We do not want to show the child process's main window, so to the members buy into SW_HIDE
Call CreateProcess to create a child process, but after the success of the child process calls still is active. It was put into the memory but did not immediately run.

In the process of closing the parent write end of pipe is necessary. This is because the parent process does not use the pipeline to write the handle, and if there are two write a pipeline terminal, will not work, so we read out the data from the pipeline must be closed before the end of the pipeline to write. But not closed before calling CreateProcess, or pipe it broke. You should just return CreateProcess and reading the data written before the closure of the pipeline end.

Function ReadFile can now read side Reading in the pipeline data. By using ReadFile, can make the child process is running. It will begin and when it to standard output (actually the writing end of pipe) to write data, the data will be sent to the read end of pipe. It should be kept calling ReadFile until it returns 0, that is no longer read the data. Reading from the data channel you can make any deal, in our case it is displayed in the Edit control.

I remember reading after use closed pipe handle.

Code example:

. Model flat, stdcall
option casemap: none
includelib masm32libgdi32.lib
includelib masm32libuser32.lib
includelib masm32libkernel32.lib

. Const
IDR_MAINMENU equ 101; the ID of the main menu
IDM_ASSEMBLE equ 40001

. Data
ClassName db "PipeWinClass", 0
AppName db "One-way Pipe Example", 0 EditClass db "ED99v", 0
CreatePipeError db "Error during pipe creation", 0
CreateProcessError db "Error during process creation", 0
CommandLine db "ml / c / coff / Cp test.asm", 0

. Data?
hInstance HINSTANCE?
hwndEdit dd?

. Code
invoke GetModuleHandle, NULL
mov hInstance, eax
invoke WinMain, hInstance, NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWDEFAULT
invoke ExitProcess, eax

WinMain proc hInst: DWORD, hPrevInst: DWORD, CmdLine: DWORD, CmdShow: DWORD
mov, CS_HREDRAW or CS_VREDRAW mov wc.lpfnWndProc, OFFSET WndProc
mov wc.cbClsExtra, NULL
mov wc.cbWndExtra, NULL
push hInst
pop wc.hInstance
mov wc.hbrBackground, COLOR_APPWORKSPACE
mov wc.lpszMenuName, IDR_MAINMENU
mov wc.lpszClassName, OFFSET ClassName
mov wc.hIcon, eax
mov wc.hIconSm, eax
invoke LoadCursor, NULL, IDC_ARROW
mov wc.hCursor, eax
invoke RegisterClassEx, addr wc
mov hwnd, eax
. While TRUE
invoke GetMessage, ADDR msg, NULL, 0,0
. BREAK. IF (! Eax)
invoke TranslateMessage, ADDR msg
invoke DispatchMessage, ADDR msg
. Endw
mov eax, msg.wParam
WinMain endp

WndProc proc hWnd: HWND, uMsg: UINT, wParam: WPARAM, lParam: LPARAM
LOCAL buffer [1024]: byte
LOCAL bytesRead: DWORD
. If uMsg == WM_CREATE
invoke CreateWindowEx, NULL, addr EditClass, NULL, WS_CHILD + WS_VISIBLE + ES_MULTILINE + ES_AUTOHSCROLL + ES_AUTOVSCROLL, 0, 0, 0, 0, hWnd, NULL, hInstance, NULL
mov hwndEdit, eax
. Elseif uMsg == WM_CTLCOLORED99v
invoke SetTextColor, wParam, Yellow
invoke SetBkColor, wParam, Black
invoke GetStockObject, BLACK_BRUSH
. Elseif uMsg == WM_SIZE
mov edx, lParam
mov ecx, edx
shr ecx, 16
and edx, 0ffffh
invoke MoveWindow, hwndEdit, 0,0, edx, ecx, TRUE
. Elseif uMsg == WM_COMMAND
. If lParam == 0
mov eax, wParam
mov sat.niLength, sizeof SECUR99vY_ATTRIBUTES
mov sat.lpSecurityDescriptor, NULL
mov sat.bInheritHandle, TRUE
invoke CreatePipe, addr hRead, addr hWrite, addr sat, NULL
. If eax == NULL
invoke MessageBox, hWnd, addr CreatePipeError, addr AppName, MB_ICnERROR + MB_OK
. Else
mov startupinfo.cb, sizeof STARTUPINFO
invoke GetStartupInfo, addr startupinfo
mov eax, hWrite
mov startupinfo.hStdOutput, eax
mov startupinfo.hStdError, eax
mov startupinfo.wShowWindow, SW_HIDE
invoke CreateProcess, NULL, addr CommandLine, NULL, NULL, TRUE, NULL, NULL, NULL, addr startupinfo, addr pinfo
. If eax == NULL
invoke MessageBox, hWnd, addr CreateProcessError, addr AppName, MB_ICnERROR + MB_OK
. Else
invoke CloseHandle, hWrite
. While TRUE
invoke RtlZeroMemory, addr buffer, 1024
invoke ReadFile, hRead, addr buffer, 1023, addr bytesRead, NULL
. If eax == NULL
. Break
. Endif
invoke SendMessage, hwndEdit, EM_SETSEL, -1,0
invoke SendMessage, hwndEdit, EM_REPLACESEL, FALSE, addr buffer
. Endw
. Endif
invoke CloseHandle, hRead
. Endif
. Endif
. Endif
. Elseif uMsg == WM_DESTROY
invoke PostQuitMessage, NULL
. Else
invoke DefWindowProc, hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam ret
. Endif
xor eax, eax
WndProc endp
end start

This example calls ml.exe to compile a program called test.asm, and redirect the output to the client area ml.exe the Edit control. When the program is loaded, as usual to register the window class and create the main window. In the main window is created in the process of the first thing to do is to create the output for the display program ml.exe Edit control.

Now interesting things come, we will change this Edit control text color and background color. When the Edit control will repaint the client area, it will send WM_CTLCOLORED99v message parent window. Parameters wParam contains the controls for painting the client area of their device descriptor handle (HDC). We can use this mechanism to modify the characteristics of HDC.

. Elseif uMsg == WM_CTLCOLORED99v
invoke SetTextColor, wParam, Yellow
invoke SetTextColor, wParam, Black
invoke GetStockObject, BLACK_BRUSH
SetTextColor the text color to yellow, the background color to black. Finally, we return to a black by calling GetStockObject and get a handle brush. Processing WM_CTLCOLORED99v must return a brush handle, because Windows will use the brush to repaint the background of Edit control. In this case, I hope the background is black, it returns the handle of a black brush.

Now when the user selects Assemble sub-menu, it will create an anonymous pipe.

mov sat.niLength, sizeof SECUR99vY_ATTRIBUTES
mov sat.lpSecurityDescriptor, NULL
mov sat.bInheritHandle, TRUE

Before calling CreatePipe must be filled SECUR99vY_ATTRIBUTES structure. If we do not care about security, you can fill in the lpSecurityDescriptor members of NULL. bInheritHandle you must be TRUE, so the pipeline can only be inherited by child processes handle.

invoke CreatePipe, addr hRead, addr hWrite, addr sat, NULL

After that, we call CreatePipe to create a pipeline, if successful, then the variable hRead and hWrite will be filled pipe corresponding read and write end of the handle end.

mov startupinfo.cb, sizeof STARTUPINFO
invoke GetStartupInfo, addr startupinfo
mov eax, hWrite
mov startupinfo.hStdOutput, eax
mov startupinfo.hStdError, eax
mov startupinfo.wShowWindow, SW_HIDE

The next step is to complete the structure of the STARTUPINFO. Call GetStartupinfo parent process with the default values to fill STARTUPINFO structure. If you want to both work in Windows9x and Windows NT, we need to call GetStartupInfo to fill STARTUPINFO structure. Call returns, you can modify the important members of the. Because we want the child process output to the parent process rather than the default standard output and standard error, so we hStdOutput and hStdError Ode to write into the pipe end of the handle. To hide the main window of the child process, must be assigned to member variables wShowWidow SW_HIDE. Finally, the members assigned to STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW and STARTF_USESTDHANDLES dwFlags to specify the members of the hStdOutput, hStdError and wShowWindow is effective.

invoke CreateProcess, NULL, addr CommandLine, NULL, NULL, TRUE, NULL, NULL, NULL, addr startupinfo, addr pinfo

Now call CreateProcess to create a child process. Note To make the pipe work, the parameter bInheritHandles must be set to TRUE. invoke CloseHandle, hWrite successfully created after the child process, the parent process must close the write end of pipe. We have to write end of the handle to pass through the structure STARTUPINFO a child process. If you do not shut down, then there are two write-side pipe, but this channel will not work. Therefore, it must create a child process, but after reading the data to close the handle.

. While TRUE
invoke RtlZeroMemory, addr buffer, 1024
invoke ReadFile, hRead, addr buffer, 1023, addr bytesRead, NULL
. If eax == NULL
. Break
. Endif
invoke SendMessage, hwndEdit, EM_SETSEL, -1,0
invoke SendMessage, hwndEdit, EM_REPLACESEL, FALSE, addr buffer
. Endw

Are now ready to process standard output from the child read the data. Until no more data, and that only when the ReadFile returns NULL out of circulation, or that it will be waiting for data. Before we call the ReadFile call RtlZeroMemory to clear the memory, and replaced with a pipe read handle file handles. Note that the maximum length of read data 1023 (sizeof (buffer) -1), because we need to accept the character into an Edit control that can handle ASCII string. When ReadFile returns, put the data passed to Edit control. However, this has a small problem, if you use SetWindowText API to write data to the Edit control, the new data will overwrite the old data already exists, and we want to add new data behind the existing data. To achieve this goal, first by sending a message wParam is -1 the EM_SETSEL, the Edit control the input focus moves to the end of the text; and then send a message to add data back EM_REPLACESEL.

invoke CloseHandle, hRead

When ReadFile returns NULL when out of loop on the read handle and close the pipeline.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

PPT to teach you to easily modify the colors in the clip art

In making the presentation, in order to achieve satisfactory results we often insert a nice clip art. But sometimes the opposite effect will play, as is the program comes with clip art components, its color is fixed, so the overall effect may be inconsistent with the page.

In fact, we do not have to worry about for the help of image re-rendering function we can easily modify the clip art in any one area of color. Preferred selected into the picture, it appears that a "picture" floating toolbar does not appear if you can start right-click the clip art, select "Show Picture Toolbar" command can.

Next, click on the toolbar "picture re-coloring" button in the left side of the open window you can see the original color and change into two columns, which is expressed the need to modify the original colors, change is the changed color, then we can select the appropriate required the original color, and "changed to" select a new color. While the bottom can also choose to change the clip art and clip art fill the background of two, each to make a change, we only need to click "Preview" button to display the revised look.

Changes after repeated many times until the color of the clip art in line with the overall style page, we can click "OK" button to complete the modified.

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Dell shipped the wrong price is not the defendant of fraud: frozen funds

July 24, according to Taiwan media reports, Dell Computer online store with the wrong price events, from the original simple consumer disputes, turned into a criminal case. Buy on a million computers and monitors of the public, the grounds of non-compliance has to Dell, the Dell fraud to court, the court to freeze a bank account in Taiwan, Dell; as the account collected for the Department of supplier accounts, transfer billions of funds have been frozen once, Compal Foxconn has been mistaken for vampires and other suppliers unprovoked.

Dell Taiwan site with the wrong price, the online world a mass 10, 10 pass 100, 26 000 users, the influx of hundreds of thousands within a week order Dell to clean up the mess, agreed to do that subscriber 1000 yuan discount coupons, the original price 60,000 yuan NT Latitude E4300 notebook, paid 20,000 yuan coupon NT users in Taiwan do not appreciate, it seems "Small to large whales," play for the re-staged.

Stuck suppliers and procurement funds suffer

It is understood that several financial strength of users, hundreds of million in relief will be remitted to Dell's account, then Dell refused on grounds of performance, Dell reported fraud, Chungli accepted and referred for criminal police, the judge has frozen Dell open an account at Citibank, Dell has been frozen so hundreds of billion yuan.

A Dell supplier, said Dell account in Taiwan, only a very small part of the paragraph from the public network share, Dell Corporation to import most of the money is used to pay suppliers for goods such as panel, Dell account has been frozen , all suppliers can not get money, once hopping anxious, complained to Taiwan Premier Liu.

"That tens of millions of consumer disputes, Dell put up hundreds of billions of accounts frozen, do not comply with the principle of proportionality."

Dell: everything has gone back to normal operation

The company said the Dell "with the wrong price," the event has not happened before, a week to sell dozens of monitors very great, after the incident, actually it was a night to set the tens of thousands of units, also with a "horse dog" other pseudonym purchase, in addition to leave cell phones, nothing left, "so many friends there would be no real money? how a way to simple consumer disputes, exaggerated into a network of fraud."

It is understood that Dell To keep these "financial capability" of users in negotiating a transfer from the head office on billions of dollars into counter-guarantee to the court, although the bank accounts were unfrozen, but the simple online shopping disputes, actually got 10 billion Yuan procurement account has been frozen, other multinational procurement in Taiwan, such as HP, Sony, Dell account that the provisional seizure of all events have an international joke.

Dell Asia Pacific Public Relations Manager Hanjian Yao, who have been reluctant to Dell's account is frozen for comment, but stressed that "all is over," Dell has resumed normal operations in Taiwan, the website received tens of thousands of Taiwan's orders, Han Jianyao that "Consumers do not so much under the single, We don't expect them to own. (We do not expect consumers will buy)."

Have money to pay the purchase price for the consumer, Hanjian Yao said, Dell will exchange as soon as the money back to consumers, as many visitors using the pseudonym order, and leaving only the cell phone, Dell users to return the money one by one, take some time .

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Soft Fair: a fusion produces competitive

The Sixth China Software Fair will be held June 18 to 22 held in Dalian World Expo Center, this year's exhibition theme of "Software: leading the digital convergence." Integration into today's information industry development of software industry in particular, the theme of the past five sessions of the situation, the soft-Fair has become the software industry or even the integration of the entire IT industry, the big stage.

Software: "Two of integration" of the link

Integration of information industrialization, China's new era of economic and social development guidelines. From 15 large "vigorously promote the economic and social information" through the Sixteenth Congress, "information technology to stimulate industrialization, promotion of information technology", and then developed into 17 major "to promote integration of information technology and industrialization," Industrialization and information to interwoven, not separate new stage. More importantly, information from the previous boosting industrialization "tools" to become an equal footing with the industrialization of the "independent sector", in which the status of the software industry has been further improved.

Software is the soul of information, the information integration and industrialization of organic "glue" is integration of two of the ties and bridges.

This is because, first, the software industry is the basis for national economic and social development, strategic and guiding industry, the relevance of other industries, highly driven, is the transformation of economic growth, adjusting the industrial structure should focus on support the development of industry. Second, the software is an important vector of human knowledge, with morphological transformation, embedded hardware, increase the functional characteristics. Two of integration, stressing that the mutual penetration, software worthy of the job. Software industry will have economic and social development of all aspects of life play a "multiplier" effect.

Therefore, information integration and industrialization, the key is to give full play to the role of the software industry, particularly to expand and strengthen the field of software technology in various industrial applications, using information technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries. A wide range of applications, the software industry become the fastest growing industries. Over the past five years, China's electronic information industry average sales growth of 27%, five-year expansion of 3.3 times the size. Among them, the software industry sales growth of 45% annually, 5.5 times the size of five-year expansion, the end of 2007, the scale of China's software industry reached 580 billion yuan. At present, China has formed a good atmosphere for the development of software industry, especially in 2000, the State Council Document No. 18, "to encourage the development of software and IC industry, a number of policy", 2002 State Council Document No. 47, "the revitalization of the software industry, the Platform for Action" issued since , good national policy of encouraging, stimulating domestic demand, domestic informatization construction, the software industry 鑷富 innovation and development, China's software industry to achieve Le leapfrog development, operating systems, databases, application platform software, the Chinese office software, information security software, etc. have all received independent Yanfa breakthrough.

Facing the integration of Information and Strategies for the Development of industrialization, China's software industry must be fit and healthy, and continuously enhance international competitiveness.

First, we should vigorously develop its own brand of software products and services, focusing on infrastructure software, industry application software, development tools, middleware development, and implementation of the software industry by leaps and bounds.

Secondly, the implementation of "walking on two legs" policy. On the one hand, continue to rely on the domestic market driven industry, and constantly open up new areas of industrial applications; the other hand, grasp the international software and information service outsourcing an important opportunity to speed up software export bases, in pursuit of software services and modern business process outsourcing and other breakthroughs. In the outsourcing path, you can start with our strengths in the international market, such as Japan and South Korea, including South East Asia market breakthrough, then the advantage of relying on these markets go to open up European markets.

Soft Fair: "Two of fusion" pioneer

Soft Fair passed 5 years, and now marks the information integration of industrial good time. The face of an unprecedented sense of mission and responsibility, soft intersection is personally, to become "two of integration" in the vanguard.

To complete the "integration of the two of" historical mission, the soft intersection on the one hand the global software business elite gathered in Dalian, on the one hand provide the perfect solutions and products with the industry.

China Software Fair has been held in five sessions, the exhibition scale, impact, effectiveness, degree of internationalization continuously expanded and upgraded, in order to promote our software and service outsourcing industry, to promote IT in the field of international exchanges and cooperation played an important role, by the industry wide attention and recognition. From the first to fifth, soft Fair exhibition area expanded from 11,000 square meters to 30,000 square meters, exhibitors from 300 to 800, professional audience grow from 15,000 to 30,000 people, the number of booths to expand from 560 to 1200, the guest country from 12 to 30, 500 companies from 8 to 17, the proportion of the international exhibition from 10% to 33%, conventions, conferences and events from 12 to nearly 40, its concerning the software industry in the field of new points, hot and difficult, through the various links of the whole industrial chain.

Soft Fair to promote industrial development to build a comprehensive service platform. China Software Fair was held for three consecutive years by the Chinese Information Industry as the annual "Top Ten China's information industry economic events," for two consecutive years, "China Information" magazine as the "China Year 20 Information event "; last year, the annual meeting of China's Information Industry, the Fifth China Software Fair won the third consecutive year, the successful marketing awards; in January this year, China hosted the Fourth Convention and Exhibition Forum and the" Star of China Exhibition "the presentation ceremony, the Fifth China Software Fair won the" 2007 China top ten most influential national brand exhibition of China's information industry's most influential brand exhibition. "

Through the 5 th of temper, soft Fair has become a "fusion of the platform."

First, the soft-Fair organizers involved in all aspects, reflects the fusion theory. China International Software & Information Service Fair was held in the State Council approved the only national software fair in China, by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Education, Office of State Council for Revitalizing Northeast China, Ministry of Science, the State Council Informatization Office, China CCPIT, Liaoning Provincial People's Government hosted, Dalian Municipal Government, local and central government, technology and industry, education and culture, aspects of integration and win-win. During the exhibition, industry and Ministry of Information Industry and other ministries and the leadership will come to a comprehensive interpretation of industrialization and integration of information technology has become a highlight of this session.

Second, the intersection is a hardware and software integration software arena. Software R & D results in the display, while the latest IT and digital consumer electronics products will be high-profile appearance, a chic and avant-garde of sensory enjoyment and personal experience.

Third, the soft-Fair mainly exhibitions, conferences and forums, it is important in these three parts, is the exhibition of "different opinions", is the content and form of the perfect "integration." According to the organizing committee, the contents of the sixth exhibition is divided into international cooperation, independent innovation, industrial applications, personnel exchange, capital docking, the six blocks to protect the credibility of the exhibition area will remain at 3 million square meters. Show the main forum - Global Software and Information Service Forum and Entrepreneurs Summit will show into the climax, senior government officials, business leaders, experts and scholars will jointly perform a new exciting software industry.

Fourth, the financial software industry, software development, Fair five elements - people, capital, research and development, application integration, this year also added a credit system so that the "integration" more perfect. Also, by increasing the invitation of the buyer and the project so that buyers and suppliers, investors and the project side "zero distance" communication docking, fusion everywhere.

Integration, so soft intersection growing.


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